Can it all work out OK if your kiddo withdraws from college? Yup.

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2 thoughts on “Can it all work out OK if your kiddo withdraws from college? Yup.”

  1. From my perspective, she didn’t “withdraw from college;” she just changed colleges and changed environments to one more conducive to where she is at in life. Thousands head to community college after a semester at a four-year college. There is nothing that prepares you for the culture shock of going to college for the first time. Many students become overwhelmed when they attend their first lecture hall class and see there are more students in the class than there were in their school. I have had many punchout the first week. And, if you haven’t noticed, many community colleges start a week or so later than four-year colleges because they know they are going to catch some refugees. Both my wife and daughter went to community college. My wife transferred to Harvard on the Phi Theta Kappa scholarship and graduated cum laude; my daughter received the Presidential scholarship at Texas Tech as a transfer student. Doesn’t matter where you start; just matters where you finish.

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