Need a Good Giggle?

T’was the night after Thanksgiving break, and all through the house
Are remnants of my college kid’s visit…just please not a mouse.

Bath towels were hung from the shower rod with flair,
In hopes that St. Someone would wash them with care.

Our other children were nestled all snug in their beds
With visions of Oldest Sapling still dancing in their heads.

Mom’s in her yoga pants and dad took off his shoes
We just turned off Netflix for a five-minute snooze.

When down in the basement we heard such a clatter, and sprang from the sofa to see what was the matter.

Down the stairs I flew like The Flash,
Climbed over forgotten laundry, and almost knocked down the trash.

When what to my very tired eyes did appear?
But a blue IKEA bag that had accidentally been left here!

When she packed the car, she must’ve forgotten
The brownies that surely would become rotten.

What else was left behind? I had to act fast!
What if she needed these things in order to pass?

I hope she remembered her ID, my adult-ish dear…
It seemed she left behind eight pieces of college gear!

More rapid than Greyhound, more electric than Fame,
I texted, and posted, and listed them by name:

“The Phone Charger! The Hair Straightener! The Make Up and Disney Pin,
Oh, Cough Drops! Oh, Ear Buds! Oh, Body Pillow and Whatever she puts her Ramen mix in!

To the post office! To the UPS store!
To Fed Ex at the mall! Now stash away! Stash away!
Stash away all!”

As parents of a college kid that has recently flown,
When met with an obstacle, we Facebook “Grown.”

So up the Throughway us parents we flew
With the car full of packages, and the St. Bernard, too —

Two hours later, we get to her school
Thinking we’ll surprise her (while wiping the dog’s drool).

And then, in a twinkling, I saw near her room
The dancing and smiling of our kid in full bloom.

As I picked up the blue bag, and was turning around,
Down the hallway she came with a bound.

She was dressed all in flannel, from her head to her toes,
Her clothes seemed comfy – smelled like Tide Pods and Doritos.

A bundle of excitement erupted as she jumped on Dad’s back,
Then she quickly began to open her Ikea pack.

Her eyes — how they sparkled! Her expression, how sweet!
Turns out the dog was really the treat!

A wink of her eye and the slant of her head
Soon let me know we had something to dread.“

Thanks for the brownies!” are the words that she said.“
But I meant to leave those things home on my bed.”

We said, “Sure…we knew that!” as the dog wagged his tail. We just wanted to squeeze her before we set sail.

And laying her hand on the blue bag for effect,
We gave a nod and Mapquest we checked.

We sprang to the car as the dog barked a bit
Down the highway we flew as the sky was moonlit.

I sent her a GIF as we drove through a roundabout – “Good luck on your finals, we can’t wait ‘til the semester’s out!”

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